Contact Lenses


Have you always wanted to change your eye color or enhance your present eye color?

Two new tinted lenses have been released in the last several months. Alcon has the new Air Optix Colors. Beautiful colors in high oxygen materials. Vistakon released the new Define Line. Define makes eyes look larger, whiter and brighter! Call today for a color fitting.

Do you have astigmatism?

Lenses for astigmatism continue to improve both in comfort and quality of vision. We await the release of Cooper Vision’s Biofinity Custom Toric this summer! This lens will allow us to fit even more complicated prescriptions. This lens is very stable on the eye and has high oxygen permeability.


One day disposable multifocal lenses are now available if you have little to no astigmatism and want some freedom from glasses and lens care. This may be the option for you. Call today to get information about these specialty lenses.


Lipiflow thermal pulsation treats the cause not just the symptoms of dry eye. Meibomian gland dysfunction or evaporative dry eye is a real disease that can affect vision, comfort and ultimately quality of life.

Breakthrough technology makes it possible to treat the root cause of evaporative dry eye; a blockage of eyelid glands called meibomian gland dysfunction. The blocked glands result in a deficiency in the tear film oil, which is responsible for preventing the tears from evaporating too quickly.

Call for a dry eye consult and a Lipiview evaluation to observe the tear film to see if you are a candidate for treatment.

Brenda C. Edwards, O.D.
Laura J. Brammer, O.D.

In the past many people with astigmatism were unable to obtain good visual correction with soft contact lenses. They often had to wear either hard or gas permeable contacts to see well. Although these are still excellent options for some people, those individuals with astigmatism who desire the comfort of soft lenses can usually obtain good vision with toric contacts.

Disposable lenses offer an economically attractive option to those individuals who need to frequently change lenses, or do not want the hassle of dealing with the care of regular daily wear contacts. Current disposable lenses are usually used for one month at a time, and at the end of this period are replaced with a fresh lens. This works well for individuals with allergies since the frequent replacement with new lenses decreases protein buildup on contacts, which can often trigger allergic problems. Patients with dry eyes who have had difficulty wearing soft contact lenses may also have better success with disposable contacts.

Colored contacts are not only an option for people who normally need corrected lenses. They are also a fun option for those who only want to change their eye color. Current colored contacts can change even the darkest of eyes to blue, green, hazel or violet. Those with light colored eyes may want to enhance their natural color, or go even darker to brown or gray.

Many individuals over the age of forty often find that they need reading glasses to wear over their contacts when they do close work. Although not for everyone, the new generation of bifocal contacts lenses do work for many with this problem. Monovision contacts lenses are also an excellent option for those who find that they need reading glasses. These different options are sufficiently complex that those in this category should freely discuss the different approaches with their doctor.


If you would like more information on contact lenses, please call (913) 362-3210 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brenda Edwards, or Dr. Laura Brammer.

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